You Don't Have to be a Surfer to Train Like One

July 11, 2017

Headed on a beach vacation and have always been curious about surfing classes?  Or just home from an amazing week and at the beach and looking for a surfing fix?  SurfSET Fitness class allow you to paddle away from the traditional workout routine and expose you to a new sport and challenge. 

Surfing is a great total body workout.  SurfSET’s state-of-the-art RipSurfer X machine, an actual 6 foot surfboard that balances on top of stability disks, lets participants mimic real surfing exercises including paddling, pushing up, and grinding.

SurfSET blends challenging and unique techniques inspired by surf, yoga and high-intensity movements for a total body workout that focuses on rotational core strength, isometric instability, flexibility, dynamic stabilization, agility and fat burn.


Get ready for:

  • High-intensity cardio circuits
  • Balancing yoga poses
  • Ab circuits
  • Duck dives
  • Paddle boarding
  • Upper body training

The 45-minute class will improve your stability, core strength, endurance and flexibility. Ride the wave and try a class today!  

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