Dwyane Wade surprises basketball players at Chelsea Piers

September 19, 2018

MANHATTAN - NBA superstar Dwyane Wade dropped in on a pickup game in Manhattan earlier this month.               

Brad Parker is one of many young professionals who likes to play pickup basketball after work at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.

So when three-time NBA champion Wade tweeted “Where the local hoopers at NYC!?!?” Parker decided to respond.

Parker was sure that Wade wouldn’t answer him, but he soon received a phone call from a friend.

"’Dwyane Wade's at the gym,’ I’m like, ‘Real funny.’ You think he's kidding, of course he's kidding,” says Parker. “He wasn't kidding.”

Wade was at Chelsea Piers mixing it up with every-day ballers.

Parker arrived at the court wearing a very specific Knicks jersey, hoping to catch Wade's attention.

"Steve Novak and Dwyane Wade went to Marquette and I go over to him wearing my Novak jersey and he sees it and goes, 'Novak,' and does the discount double check,” says Parker.

After waiting his turn, Parker got into the game, going against Wade.

"All of a sudden he's dribbling through his legs and he loses the ball off his foot and out of bounds and I’m like, I just caused a turnover,” says Parker.

Wade played about four pickup games at Chelsea Piers, leaving many to tweet, asking who it was that got the NBA All-Star to come and play pickup basketball.

A lot of claims have been made, but Parker tells News 12 he can prove it was his tweet that got the job done.

"He takes the phone and I’m like, 'Dwyane, is this the tweet that made you come to the gym?’ and he goes, 'That's the one,’" says Parker. “I needed to get that on film."

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