November 15, 2017

Bump. Set. Spike!

Has your child ever come home from school raving about the volleyball game they played during gym class? Do they brag about how much fun they had? And if you pause, you may realize that when you were signing your child up for other pee wee sports, you never saw or heard about volleyball. 

Volleyball is a unique sport where children generally don’t begin to play on a competitive level until high school.  So when your all-around great athlete is tired of some of the traditional stick and ball sports they have been playing since elementary school, it may be time to explore the sport of volleyball.  Volleyball provides the rare chance for kids to largely start at the same level.  You'll never show up for a try out to find a child there that has been competing since they were 4 years old - perhaps a class here or there or fun recreational programs - but kids tend to start out on a pretty level playing field.  The sport involves teamwork and a generally well-rounded athlete in order to excel.  It attracts a selection of athletes burnt out from their current sports or ones that never really found something that spoke to them athletically.

Volleyball is a competitive and entertaining game with ample college playing opportunities.

Chelsea Piers Connecticut will be holding competitive team tryouts November 19 - 21; offering programs starting at the elementary level all the way through our competitive team that competes regionally and nationally.

Learn more about Chelsea Piers Volleyball Programs: CONNECTICUT