Climbing Handstands Teach Balance When Life is Turned Upside Down

March 19, 2020

What do you do when life seems like it has turned itself upside down and the kids are climbing the walls?

"Just go with it!" says Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Director Ann Roth. "Life may throw us challenges, but it can be the perfect time to look at things from a new perspective." Roth's advice is not just metaphorical. She's talking about climbing handstands!

Roth shares that handstands aren't just for gymnasts. "Athletes of all ages can take a few minutes to practice climbing handstands! We do them with our 3 year old gymnasts. We work with swimmers, soccer and field hockey players on cross training in the gym and climbing handstands is something we do with all of them."

Climbing handstands build core and upper body strength and no equipment is required.

Steps to follow:

  1. Reach tall
  2. Hands down low
  3. Crawl up your toes
  4. Now count to 5
  5. Crawl down slow

The more advanced you become, the closer your hands will be to the wall.

5-year-old Beginner

Advanced Teenager

Now that you see how easy it is to do, try our one-minute handstand challenge.

Hold the hand stand for 1 minute. If you can't hold it, keep trying every day and build your strength until you can!

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