April 8, 2020

At this point in your quarantine, the novelty of wearing sweatpants 24/7 has likely worn off. So, how do you keep things interesting (ahem, civil) with your partner or housemate when you're always around each other? Make a date! To help you get started, we rounded up some of our favorite Date Night/Mate Night options for you.


Dress up like it's the perfect spring day (even if it's gloomy outside) and lay out a blanket on the living room floor. If you have a patio or yard, use that to your advantage here (also, we're super jealous).

Classic picnic foods will help it feel even more real:

  • Crackers + cheese
  • Sandwiches (for us it's ordering Jersey Mike's subs…)
  • Fruit (berries or larger fruit cut into bite size pieces)
  • Dessert (did you know, you can order Girl Scout Cookies online?!)
  • Bonus: Set the mood with some familiar sounds
  • Double Bonus: Bringing a bottle of wine to a picnic is permitted in your living room!


Sharpen your kitchen (or tasting) skills with some of these amazing resources available online.

  • Splurge on a subscription to MasterClass
  • Christina Tosi (of Milk Bar) is going live every day at 2:00pm on Instagram for "Baking Club"
  • Milk Street is offering their online cooking classes for free until the end of April!
  • Learn real Italian cooking with Nonna Live!
  • Black Girls Dine Too is doing live virtual tastings on Instagram every Sunday at 8:30pm, and her older ones are archived here.
  • Lyons Wine Tastings is hosting a laid-back tasting every day at 1:00pm. (good thing you can nap in the middle of the day!)


Time to dust off those board games in the back of your closet! Don't have tons of board games lying around? Use technology to your advantage. Loop in groups of friends with these games that allow you to play against each other, virtually.

  • Use HouseParty to connect with friends and family and play games like Trivia, Quick Draw (similar to Pictionary) and Heads Up! You can use houseparty on Chrome, iOS or Android.
  • Zoom or Facetime your friends and have everyone use this site to play "Remote Insensitivity" (similar to Cards Against Humanity)
  • Plenty of classic games have apps or online versions to play with friends including Clue, UNO + Monopoly, for those of us who are physically distant from our friends and families, but still want to get into an argument about who owns Atlantic Avenue.


OK so maybe you've already done this one (like, every day of quarantine….?) but have you had dinner and a movie with your closest friends?

  • Watch a movie with friends near and far using the new Netflix Party extension!
  • Choose the movie as a group — have each friend choose two options, throw them in a hat and pull one out.
  • Plan what you're going to eat with your friends in advance, or have one friend take the lead by being your very own Bobby Flay by teaching the group the recipe live over Zoom that night. Bonus, have the meal match the dinner. For example, watching Forest Gump? Serve "Bubba Gump" shrimp with peas + carrots… and a box of chocolate for dessert, of course.
  • After dinner, settle in and watch the movie as a group. Popcorn (with butter, obviously), soda and candy required.


Keeping each other accountable by working out together is a great way to stay active and healthy during this time.

  • We are hosting live workouts on Instagram every day with some of your favorite instructors! It's a great way to get "back into the gym" and see some of your gym mates virtually. Check out the schedule here.
  • We're also hosting Zoom classes several times per week. Be sure to register in advance here!
  • When possible, these recorded workouts will be put up on YouTube, so check there regularly for on-demand workout options.

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