Earth Day 2020: How to stay connected to the earth when you're stuck inside

April 21, 2020

It can be tough to think about anything other than this pandemic right now, but Mother Nature doesn 't get a break and neither should we.

Small changes can make a big impact on the world around us, and we think it 's important to make a difference wherever we can!

Here are a few ideas for ways to celebrate Earth Day during quarantine.

Plant A Few Seeds

One sure way to feel connected to the Earth is to plant something! This article from has some great tips on how to start growing your own herbs, including how to do so indoors if you don 't have access to outdoor space.

Shorten Your Showers

Conserving water is one easy way to help Mother Earth! The average shower uses 17.1 Gallons of water and lasts for 8.2 minutes. By shortening your shower by even one minute can save several gallons of water!

Lighten Your Loads

Use what Mother Earth gave you, by air drying your clothes. An electric or gas clothes dryer uses up valuable energy, which not only adds to your utility bills but uses up our communal and natural resources. No outdoor space for a clothes line? Here 's an affordable option for a drying rack that folds up nice and compact for storing in small spaces.

Eat Your Veggies

An easy way to incorporate more plant-based mealsinto your diet is to start with “Meatless Mondays”. Use this trend to challenge yourself to make one meatless meal per week.

Here are some recipes that our team has been loving:

Vegan 3-Bean Chili

Black Bean Brownies

The Rainbow Connection

Rainbows are a sign that good things are on the horizon, a message that has been resonating with many of us during these challenging times. Families across the country have placed rainbows on their front doors and windows to connect with neighbors and friends who pass by.

Need help getting yours started? Click here for a fun and simple rainbow craft from our friends at Artists & Crafts.

Make a game out of it! On your next family walk, use this map from google to find rainbows in your neighborhood. You can even submit your rainbow to be added to the map.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Whether you 're using your time to chase rainbows or just need a few moments of fresh air, taking a walk or going for a run is a great way to re-connect with Mother Nature.

Take photos during your stroll, and tag us on Instagram! We 'd love to see how you #PlayWithPurpose outside.

Always remember to be safe by following your area guidelines for best times to be outside, wearing masks and keeping the appropriate distance from others.

Meditate + Ground

Meditation is a great way to feel connected to the earth, without leaving your home.

Our director of Evolve Programming, Kathy Salvo, created a special Earth Day Meditation for us to celebrate this special day of awareness and to help us get a bit more grounded.