Eight Fitness Challenges to Try with Your Kids

June 27, 2017

In a world of high-tech technology and on-demand entertainment, it’s challenging to remain active with your kids. We have come up with fun and challenging moves to engage parents and kids that will keep your family happy, healthy and active even when you have only a few minutes to spare!

Join in on the fun and try these moves with your little athlete(s):

  1. Crawling Exercises These are total body exercises which are great for strength training and improving body control. Switch it up with different variations; add a ball to make for fun games!
    • Bear Crawl Crawl on your hands and the balls of your feet. Don’t let your knees touch the ground, but keep them bent.
    • Camel Crawl One step up from the bear crawl- straighten arms and legs, butt in the air. Do not bend your knees!
    • The “Frogger” Start in a plank position jumping your feet forward into a squat position like a frog.
    • Crab Crawl Get on all fours, pushing up with your stomach facing the ceiling. Have relay races, play crab soccer, place an object on your stomachs and see who drops it first, do a dance, whatever your mind can come up with!

    *Move forward, backward and side-to-side. Race each other across the lawn; make up a game, include a ball… The options are endless just use your imagination!

  2. Single Leg Balance Balancing on one leg can be tricky but it only gets easier with practice. Make it a fun challenge on who can balance longer!
    • See who can stand on one leg the longest, swinging legs forward and backwards, even try to squat while balancing. It can get tricky!
    • Add a ball or Frisbee and throw back and forth between the two of you- do some behind the back tricks.
  3. “Taps” This game improves control while you throw the ball back and forth.
    • The key is to catch and throw the ball to someone else all while jumping in the air. If your feet touch the ground while the ball is in your possession- you’re out!
  4. Mirroring Drills This type of drill utilizes agility and reaction times.
    • Place 2 cones 10-15 feet apart. Parent stands on one side and your kid on the other- face each other. You move randomly side-to-side in between the cones while your child mimics the movement. Key: Change direction sharply and accelerate!
  5. Partner sit-up pass with ball The traditional sit up gets an upgrade.
    • Lay in a sit-up position with your partner, facing each other. As one comes up for the sit-up, pass a ball, balloon, or even just high five your partner as they then continue down for a sit-up. Start slow, gradually increasing in speed.
  6. Reach and Clap Plank- This focuses on core stabilization.
    • Begin in plank position (hands on the ground) facing your partner. Reach forward with one arm and give each other a high-five. Repeat.
    • Add a push-up between claps to make things more difficult!
  7. Ball Squat Toss- Builds coordination, transfers energy from lower to upper body (power!). You are bound to work up a sweat with this one.
    • Simply squat while releasing the ball throwing to your partner as you come up, they will catch the ball, squat and return the ball.
  8. Ball Side Swing Pass- Get that core burning!
    • Stand OR sit next to your partner, either facing the same way or opposite directions. Keep your arms straight and swing the ball from the outside of your body to the inside, passing the ball off to your partner.

    *Add lunges for some difficulty.

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