How to Survive Cold & Flu Season

December 5, 2018

How can you boost your immunity during cold and flu season? This is a question we get often at this time of year.  Here at The Wellthy Plate we like to focus on the four essential pillars of a strong immune system which include nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management/mindfulness.

Proper nutrition is essential for building and maintaining a healthy, functioning immune system.  As registered dietitian-nutritionists, we work with clients using a food first approach to use food effectively and to efficiently boost our immunity.  There is simply no substitute that we know of at this time that beats the effectiveness of eating a variety of quality, minimally processed foods, which are mostly plant-based, every day. You cannot expect to have a healthy functional immune system without proper nutrition.

While nutritional supplements can play an important role in supporting improved health for vulnerable people, such as children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with health conditions that compromise their immunity. What you eat, not what you supplement with, is what is most important to build your defenses against winter germs. Supplements are not an antidote to unhealthy eating.

So, what should we eat?

Focus on a variety of fruits, vegetables and include as many colors as possible.  Plants should be the majority of your plate and will provide nourishment to your body with a mixture of fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals that help fight off those pesky invaders.  Aim to include some healthy fats and fiber-rich, whole grains.  

Here's a great immune-boosting soup recipe to get you started!

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