Get Strong for the Slopes

December 3, 2021

Get Strong for the Slopes

Hitting the slopes this season? Here are a few tips for staying injury-free from Brooklyn trainer (and avid snowboarder) Coach Tenessa.

Get Strong

Here are a few great movements to help strengthen your core and legs to keep you upright on the mountain.

  1. Squats with weighted arm extension 3-4 sets, 10-15 reps

    Squats arm extension

    Squats arm extension

  2. Bosu lateral squat 3-4 sets, 10-15 reps per side

    bosu squat


  3. Stability ball plank with alternating knee to ball 3-4 sets, 10-15 reps per side

    ball planking

    Plank ball

  4. Walking lunge with twisting stability ball 3-4 sets, 10-15 reps per side

    lunge twist start

    lunge twist

Improve your Mobility

These can be used as a warmup or a cool down from your workout. They can be added to any exercise program, and will help keep your muscles and joints injury free.

  1. Lateral squats Wide stance, shift weight side to side into a single leg squat, stretching the inner thigh of the opposite leg

  2. Kneeling hip slide Kneel on pad, shift hips forward, stretching the kneeling leg hip flexor, slide back into heel to stretch front leg hamstring

  3. Plank twist Hands and toes plank, bring one foot to outside of hand and reach same side hand to sky, return to start position and switch feet and hands, alternating sides

Exercises and Warm Ups for Day-of

Doing a dynamic warmup before hitting the slopes is a great way to warm up and stretch out the muscles to get them ready for activity. Considering how cold it can get, it is important to start with a good warmup to ensure your muscles and body are ready to start moving. This can help reduce the risk of injury and help you feel great on your first run. Here are some movements to start your day off right:

  1. Forward and backward leg swings

  2. Squats

  3. Walking lunges

Have a little room in your suitcase? Bringing a foam roller is helpful to use before hitting the slopes. An exercise band can also be used to help warm up legs and arms (and is much easier to find room for in your bags!)

The best way to ensure a safe and fun season on the slopes this winter? Work with one of our personal trainers to train smart and prevent injuries!