Keep it moving

December 2, 2019

Traveling for the holidays? We put together our top moves for staying fit while traveling, whether that be yoga in your childhood bedroom or stretching on an airplane!

Traveling during the holidays is fun but can also be quite miserable. Not only can it take you days of travel to get to where you need to go, once you get there you’re often not in the most comfortable of arrangements, or you may have a number of personalities to manage.

A few of our trainers and instructors put together a quick and easy guide to stay moving and centered during the holidays.


By, Kathy Salvo, Director of Evolve Yoga, Barre + Pilates


WHAT DO YOU NEED: Only your mind

  • Remember to breathe! The best mediation is just watching your breath. Slow it down, sip it in! If you are craving balance watch your breath- inhales and exhales should be even. If you find you are holding on to negative thoughts, stress, anxiety or fear, make your exhales slightly longer than your inhales. Let it go!
  • If someone cuts you off, cuts in front of you or does something else that is aggravating, remember to try to have compassion. At one time or another you may have done the same thing! You’re evolving and you hope that someday everyone will be courteous and kind as you are…until then keep your calm and remember Karma will take care of them.

Seated Leg Extension

By, Emily-Ann Little, Barre Instructor

WHERE CAN IT BE DONE: In a seat: At your airline gate or in your Grandma’s guest room

WHAT DO YOU NEED: A stool or seat

  • Sit up tall on the edge of your stool with your legs glued together, point your feet and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lean back until your abs activate with your hands lightly resting on the edge of your stool behind you for support.
  • Pull one knee up toward your chest while your opposite foot lightly taps the floor and switch. As you alternate, squeeze your belly towards your spine with each exhale.
  • Make it harder: As you pull one knee up toward your chest extend your opposite leg and keep it off the floor. Keep breathing!
  • Finish it off: Straighten your legs and bring both heels together on the floor. Press your palms down into the stool and lift your hips for a reverse plank hold. Remember to lengthen your neck, open your chest, pull your belly in and squeeze your legs together!


By, Juggy, Instructor and Personal Trainer


WHAT DO YOU NEED: Just your body and the floor

The push up activates the chest & triceps. To focus more on the triceps, move your hands closer together. To focus more on the chest, widen your hands.

  • Breathe in on the way down and exhale on the way up.
  • Your spine and neck should be in a straight line.
  • Do as many as you can, and repeat!

Seated Spinal Stretches

By, Kathy Salvo, Director of Evolve Yoga, Barre + Pilates

WHERE CAN IT BE DONE: In a seat: On an airplane, train or in a car


  • SPINAL ROLL: Roll forward on the hips letting your chest puff out, and then roll back on the pelvis, moving the spine vertebrae by vertebrae forward and back. You can curl all the way up to the head; try to tie your movements with your inhale and exhale.
  • SIMPLE SEATED TWIST: For this spine-stretching pose, sit up tall and grab the sides of your seat, twisting the torso to the right and the left, holding for 10-20 seconds on each side. When we travel in a plane or car we are immobile and do not hydrate enough, spinal twists work the chest, shoulders and spine and can help to avoid constipation when you arrive.