May 30, 2018

Chelsea piers Fitness looking to Shake up the CYCLE industry

(May 30, 2018 - New York, NY) - Chelsea Piers Fitness is pleased to announce that effective June 1st, 2018 Breakaway Indoor Cycling will completely eliminate the use of disposable water bottles in all Breakaway cycle classes.  This decision is based on the recognition that disposable water bottles are a significant environmental hazard.

water bottle

“Half a trillion plastic bottles are produced every year and it can take several centuries for them to naturally degrade in landfills,” commented David A. Tewksbury, one of the founders of Chelsea Piers New York and President and CEO of Chelsea Piers Fitness. “We believe it is irresponsible to continue to contribute to this growing environmental problem.”

Chelsea Piers Fitness hopes that others in the industry will follow their lead in eliminating the use of disposable bottles in cycle classes. Chelsea Piers will send letters to the other major indoor cycling companies encouraging them to switch to reusable bottles.

About Chelsea Piers Fitness

Since opening in 1996, the mission of Chelsea Piers Fitness has never changed: provide unrivaled space, unmatched sports facilities, and best-in-class programming – all under one roof.  In 2018, Chelsea Piers Fitness brings its commitment to world-class fitness to Downtown Brooklyn with its first stand-alone fitness facility.  Both the Chelsea and Brooklyn locations feature studio-quality fitness programming, indoor swimming pools, recreational and competitive sports clubs, comprehensive personal training services, communal work and social spaces, artisanal food offerings and a year-round calendar of social and cultural events that reflect the ethos of the neighborhoods they serve.  Chelsea Piers Fitness is designed to inspire and reflect the creative needs of its members as they build toward achieving their fitness goals.

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