Men, Raise the Barre!

November 4, 2019

November is “Movember” month and this year we’re challenging our male members to take Barre classes in support of men’s wellness, cancers and mental health. Raise your fitness barre by popping into a class or take advantage of the month-long challenge!


The Challenge:

We challenge our male members to take Barre classes from November 4-30, 2019.

  • The male with the greatest number of Barre classes taken at each club between November 4-30 will win a 1-hour massage. (You’ll need it!)
  • Every male that takes four or more Barre classes during the challenge timeframe will be entered to win a surprise package full of gifts from local merchants.
  • For every male that takes a Barre class between November 4 and November 30, Chelsea Piers Fitness will donate to Movember.

It’s the opposite of what I usually do. I feel like it’s good for me. I think most men are used to dynamic movement, squatting, pressing…it might improve my performance in the field for things like running. I think it’s going to make my legs stronger… I should definitely come again.
- Juggy


The Rules:

  • Participants must register for the Barre class in the app or by visiting the front desk and must check in with the attendant or instructor before class in order for the class to be counted.
  • Chelsea Piers Fitness will award one male member from each club with a one-hour massage who completes the highest number of Barre classes during the challenge timeframe at their respective home club.
  • Male Chelsea Piers Fitness members who complete four or more Barre classes during the challenge timeframe will be entered to win one gift package.

I didn’t think there was going to be so much ab work, we did a ton of really long planks, and then moved right into the next thing. I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow. I’ll probably be sore in like 40 minutes!
- Joe Kelley


“It really helps you find that deep abdominal strength in that neutral spine. It was inspired by a ballerina, but it’s really all orthopedic type of work that can transition not only into workouts but into things we do at home and in life. I like to see guys in Barre – it mixes it up! It’s nice to have some testosterone in Barre, it makes it fun! It could be intimidating coming into a class full of women. Women get intimidated in a class full of men, and the same thing happens to guys. I want them to feel welcome, but I also want to kick their butts!”
- Donatela Fino, Barre Instructor

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