Off-Season Golf Training

November 11, 2016

Looking to improve your game this off-season? Certified fitness instructor and PGA Senior Pro Steve Keogh, of the Chelsea Piers Golf Academy, encourages you take a swing at these 5 fitness exercises guaranteed to enhance your game.

Bosu Pushups
Flip the Bosu onto rounded inflated side. Grip the sides of the platform or place your hands on top of it and perform a push-up. This exercise focuses on strengthening your core and upper and lower body.

Ball Slams
Using a weighted ball, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With a slight bend in the knees, lift the ball above your head reaching as high as you can.  Use your legs, hips and core and slam the ball down into the ground as hard as you can.  This exercise strengthens your core, legs, back and shoulders.

Single leg squat with hip flexor stretch
Using a TRX straps and an exercise ball, place one foot in the TRX strap and place the exercise ball underneath your shin closer to the ankle.  As you move down slowly into a one leg squat, your leg in the strap will smoothly role backwards, creating the stretch in the hip flexor.  Be sure to alternate sides. This is exercise is ideal for strengthening your legs, improving balance and increasing range of motion.

Hanging Oblique Knee Raise
Grip on pull-up bars and hang with your knees together and body straight. Raise your legs up and bring the knees into the stomach.  As you bring the knees up rotate them to one side, and then lower the legs down to your starting position. Continue the movement on the opposite side. This exercise works on your core strength and hip mobility.

One arm cable row rotation while in a stationary lunge hold
Position the cable at shoulder level and pull the handle with one arm. Yourr opposite leg should be forward in the lunge position.  Hold the position and pull your elbow to your side while rotating your wrist. Repeat. You will definitely find one side will be weaker than the other. This is targeting your core, thighs, glutes, triceps and upper back region. 

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