November 21, 2017

10 tips for runners to keep in mind when exercising outside during the darker evening hours.

  1. Wear ID. There are tons of options out there that are very affordable.
  2. Tell someone your route and the distance you plan to cover, so they’ll know if you are late getting back.
  3. Do not run on a remote path, stay in a populated area even if all you see are cars.
  4. Run against traffic not with traffic. This allows time for you to judge if you think the driver sees you as they approach. And if you think they don’t see you, it gives you a chance to duck out of the way. You can wave your light around to draw attention to yourself as they approach.
  5. Run with flashing light both on your front and backside. In addition to a reflective vest, wear reflective items on the parts of your body that move - since they are moving, they will catch the light.
  6. Do not run with headphones – when you can’t see, you need to rely more on hearing.
  7. Make sure the footing on your path is well maintained – night running isn’t the time to start trail running – particularly with fall leaves on the ground or snow covering roots and tripping hazards.
  8. Wear a hat with a brim or clear glasses to protect your eyes when running in a spot that may have trees branches or bushes sticking out in the path.
  9. Bring your cell phone. There are plenty of cell phone accessories that attach to your body. On cold nights, keep the phone under a layer of clothing. If the phone gets too cold, it may not work.
  10. Know your surroundings and always run with a buddy when in a new and unfamiliar area. At night it’s easier to get lost in suburban areas. Until you are running without headlights, you may not realize how much you relied on that light to guide you.