Seasonal Resolutions

October 12, 2017

Why turn over a new leaf once a year? We change our clothes in the closet every season and do car maintenance several times a year. We should face health and fitness the same way!

Don't wait until January to make a change. The New Year's resolution phenomenon is born of people's desire to set goals. Goals are set using the most critical and unique part of the brain - executive function. Executive function allows humans to accomplish tasks based on planning vs. instinct which separates us from animals. The executive function has us set goals, providing direction and clarity and fulfillment once achieved.

So knowing how the human brain works, why only set a fitness resolution once a year knowing that most resolutions set in January are shelved by about March. Instead, as so many things change in October- colder weather, a season packed full of holidays, sweaters and school buses - take this time also to take stock of your fitness routine.

A perfect fitness plan has four parts that are goal driven based on the season. Winter - try new classes, partner with friends for fitness since just about anyone can be convinced to hit the gym in January and February. Spring - bathing suit and shorts season is fast approaching, and calorie burning workouts become the priority. Summer - take your workouts outside; enjoy physical activities as workouts, hiking, swimming, kayaking, etc.

Fall is the perfect season to take stock of what you enjoyed the past nine months and spend three months doing a different weekly workout routine that combines HIIT classes, mind-body training, cardio and a sport of your choice to keep your workouts inspired.

So turn over a new leaf as sweater weather and comfort foods come back into season.

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