Sports Help Kids Return To Normal In 2021

July 1, 2021

Sports Help Kids Return To Normal In 2021

The past year of remote school, new schedules and isolation has taken its toll on our youth. From acclimating to group activities outside of the home to learning how to socialize again, now more than ever, sports serve an important role in supporting child development, mental and physical health.


If you have children, it is beneficial to instill in them a love for physical activity at an early age. Playing sports in particular will help them develop strong bones and muscles. Sports can help with mental health too. With everyone feeling isolated from social distancing, socializing through sports and activities is key to improving your physical and mental health. Whether you’re signing up with friends or making new friendships at Chelsea Piers, the social aspect of sports is one of the most it helps to ease stress and lead to a happier, healthier child.


“This year has been tough for so many kids,” shared Erika White, Assistant General Manager of the Field House at Chelsea Piers. “We’ve seen a lot of parents enrolling their children in sports this summer as a way to help them build confidence in a group setting again” .Sports give kids a safe space to branch out of their comfort zone and try new things as well..They don’t have to be highly-skilled athletes to thrive. Learning to make new friends, nailing a new move in gymnastics or mastering a dribbling technique can boost their confidence in unknown ways...


Beyond building confidence, sports are great for your kids to learn skills that will set them up for success in life such as setting and achieving goals, problem solving, teamwork, discipline, and good sportsmanship.


Vaccinations are at a high point, the city is coming back to life and everyone is looking forward to returning to something that resembles normal. Keeping a set schedule for activities can help you ease back into normalcy, and sports can help by getting you and your kids into a routine that rewards with physical benefits in a safe social setting. At Chelsea Piers we are absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for all as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, and we are looking forward to helping you and your kids get back to a normal, active, and social life.

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