Take Five

June 3, 2019

Our brand-new Wellness Studios are available to support your fitness regimen by offering massage and recovery treatments. You may book now in Brooklyn and our Chelsea studios will open mid-month. Please contact your Fitness Concierge for more information!

Massage treatments at Chelsea Piers Fitness focus on helping active members surpass their goals and find balance in their busy lives. Our team of highly-trained therapists understands your commitment to health and wellness; they’re here to help you secure lasting results. Discover our services and come relax in our serene spa atmosphere.

Massages (30, 60, 90-Mins Available)

Swedish Massage

Indulge and relax with this classic therapeutic massage. With the use of long-gliding strokes toward the heart, feel reduced muscle tension and stress while improving blood circulation and flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage

Need relief from chronic aches and pains? The deep layers of muscle and fascia tissues are worked on with firm pressure and slow strokes to alleviate chronic pain, improve mobility and enhance post-exercise muscle recovery.

Prenatal Massage

Get comfortable and destress during or after your pregnancy. Prenatal massage soothes nerves, relieves strained back and leg muscles and stimulates soft tissue to reduce edema and swelling of the joints during pregnancy.

Recovery Boots

Sit back and relax while you recover more quickly with these innovative and dynamic compression boots. Recovery Boots offer quality compression technology that promote rapid recovery of your feet and legs. The boots deploy compressed air and deliver dynamic pressure directly to the muscle tissue.

To book services or request information, contact your Fitness Concierge at
CHELSEA: 212.336.6000 • BROOKLYN: 718.407.6400

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