December 1, 2022

Holiday Stress starting to creep in? We talked to some of our Chelsea Piers coaches, trainers, instructors, and other staff about their tips for staying happy and healthy during this time of year.


“When indoors after work, put your phone on silent and leave it out of reach (IE, on top of the fridge) to unplug.”

 — Danny Simpson, Director & Coach, Chelsea Piers Athletic Club (Stamford, CT)


“The Holiday Season can be stressful on the body as well as the mind and spirit. My number one tip for staying healthy and happy is to put down the devices to buy yourself more time for family, exercise and outdoor sunshine! We spend so much time on our computers and phones and we now need those hours for all we need to get done in our day”

 — Lissa Palermo, Yoga Instructor, Chelsea Piers Athletic Club (Stamford, CT)


"Get outside as much as possible and try and walk, bike, or roller blade."

 — Danny Genovese, Coach, Chelsea Piers Sky Rink


“Opt outside.
Take time for yourself.
Find movement.
Ask for seconds! ”

 — Matt Hurst, Coach, Chelsea Piers Athletic Club (Stamford)


"I have created a habit of scheduling my "me time". Usually this is time for me to meditate, spend time with family, and working out for at least 1 hour a day."

 — Denise Wilson, Coach, Chelsea Piers Field House


“Have a good breakfast in the morning, listen to my favorite music while going to work. During my off days head out walking around NYC, work out or my favorite hobby when I’m with my friends is dancing! (Shuffling specifically) ”

 — Dennis Rodriguez, Coach, Chelsea Piers Field House


“Go for a walk, pick out a good book, and don't forget to find some time for yourself.”

 — Jonathan Engelbrecht, Coach, Chelsea Piers Athletic Club (Stamford, CT)


“A tip to stay healthy and happy during the holidays would be to maintain self-care. Whether that be keeping part of usual routine or taking time off. And always keeping goals in mind when making dietary decisions. Overindulgence is a short term reward and being able to discern what is important to us will make us happier in the long run. Also, when taking time to be with family, it’s important to choose battles wisely and always be present with ourselves and others in order to have a fulfilling experience.”

 — Katharina Artemieva, Massage Therapist, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Chelsea)


“I always plan to do something new that I've been meaning to try, whether it's going to a new place, watching a movie, or trying out a new skill/hobby. It gives me something to look forward to and keeps me fulfilled.”

 — Miri Vela, Digital Production Manager, Chelsea Piers Fitness


“Spend time with people who bring you joy and laughter - friends, family, your dog, bird etc. And be kind to yourself: enjoy your meals and don’t punish yourself for eating more than usual. Just get right back on track upon return to the gym. ”

 — Chris Ocejo, Personal Trainer, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Brooklyn)


"Bring a healthier option for yourself or preview the menu to choose in advance what you’ll get to eat, or you can choose a smaller plate for smaller portions to control how much you intake."

 — Justine Schwarz, Personal Trainer, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Brooklyn)


“After consuming all that holiday food probiotics are your friend. Thank me later.”

 — Vladimir Prophete, Group Fitness Instructor, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Chelsea and Brooklyn)


“Some of my favorite foods are served during the holiday season! On the top of that list is pecan pie, pumpkin pie, coconut custard pie, and blueberry no particular order. No matter how delicious and special these treats are, I know that there is plenty of pie to go around-no pun intended...well...maybe a little. There is no reason to have an all or nothing mindset when it comes to indulging during the holiday season. It is a special season for a reason- so enjoy it! That doesn't mean we can't practice mindful and intuitive eating, even when it comes to treats. When it's time for dessert, I usually do a quick check in with myself- what am I most looking forward to sampling? Do I really want this particular item or am I more tied into the idea of an abundance of treats? Am I even hungry? I promise taking just a few minutes in-between meals or courses to check in with your body will keep you feeling like your best self!”

 — Christina Rubino, Group Fitness Instructor, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Chelsea)


"Indulge in families and friends gatherings. Eat giant meals, play fun & competitive party games, stick to your training plan or hire a trainer to help you with that!"

 — Cody Sison, Personal Trainer, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Chelsea)


“Make sure to get the proper rest and enjoy the family time during the holiday season.”

 — Ron Restrepo, Coach, Chelsea Piers Field House


“Eat well and spend quality time with family. My favorite ways to stay active are to run, swim, practice yoga.”

 — Stephen Hoogerwerf, Coach, Chelsea Piers Field House


“Make plans with your friends, family, and loved ones! It doesn't always have to be going out and drinking, you can also stay in and watch a festive movie, cook or bake together, do themed crafts, have a game night, or decorate for the holidays!”

 — Leah Vallario, Marketing Coordinator, Chelsea Piers Fitness


“Mindfully enjoy the foods you love
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of sleep
Stay connected with loved ones
Perform an act of kindness”

 — Kat Santana, Membership Consultant, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Chelsea)


"Be completely honest with yourself about what you’re struggling with. Keep an eye on those struggles so they don’t overwhelm you. Beyond physical, mental and spiritual health matter just as much. And remember, fun is part of the program. Enjoy yourself!"

 — Roger Hanson, Personal Trainer, Chelsea Piers Fitness (Brooklyn)