July 23, 2018

We’ve all been there -- your friends or family are coming to NEW YORK CITY and you’ve got absolutely no idea what to do with them. So you start to panic and then you wonder -- what do New Yorkers actually do with their free time? What do YOU do with your free time? Have you truly availed yourself of the best restaurantsbars, parks, and museums this city has to offer? Have you ever left your apartment, ever, or do you just go to work and then go home and watch Netflix every day? Is the Statue of Liberty a myth???

Everybody has needs. Your guests need to have the best trip ever and you need to make it look like you actually know what’s going on around here. So we’ve rounded up the best places to hear live music, go dancing, eat dumplings, imbibe, and more. Some are classic, some are obscure, and not a one involves going to Times Square. You may even want to save a few for yourself.

Go rock climbing at Chelsea Piers


Chelsea Piers has lots of great activities, but the indoor rock wall is convenient, cheap, and seriously fun. Tough enough to be a challenge but still friendly for beginners, instructor-led climbing sessions are available every Tues-Thurs night for just $25 a person -- a small price to pay, considering you’d probably just be drinking otherwise.

Learn about Chelsea Piers drop-in activities for children: CONNECTICUT NEW YORK