New Yorker Aiming for 2024 Olympics

May 14, 2019

Written By Tina Cervasio

Meet Annalise Newman-Achee.

While most of us are still sipping our first coffee of the morning, Analise is already airborne at Chelsea Piers.

Which apparatus is your favorite? Annalise: bars. Why? Annalise you feel like you’re flying and being able to let go and it’s so amazing.

From Chelsea Piers to Paris 2024, that's the dream of one Brooklyn teenager and I got to spend the morning with her.

Her coach says what really makes Annalise different from other gymnasts is her talent and her drive. As a matter-of-fact, her drive is so "ferocious" that her nickname is "tiger."

“She’s extremely focused and driven,” said Chris McClain. “She’s also not afraid to say what she wants which is unusual in a girl that age especially to be out there and say I want to go for this and not be afraid to go for that. And she’s not afraid to go for that at all.”

McClain has trained a lot of gymnasts, but none quite like Analise.

”She has gone the farthest by far. It’s not only the talent but the work ethic and it’s what she has put into it to go as far as she’s gone,” said McClain.

Annalise's mother is an artist and teacher, but she says--don't paint a picture of her as a stage mother. This is all Annalise's idea.

“She knows what she wants. I don’t have to say ‘you have to do this’. It’s coming from her. I’m here to support her and help along the ride but most of the work comes from her. I mean we’re the behind the scenes work,” said mom.

Annalise's father is a musician. But after she hits what she hopes is her "high note" at the Olympics in Paris she wants to move on from gymnastics.

“I either want to be a doctor, like a vet, or a photographer,” said Newman-Achee.

“I thought that looks pretty cool because recently we’ve been having a photographer come in and photograph us so it was really cool. I also might want to be a coach. I have a lot of things.”

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