Fitness Face-Off: Yoga

February 1, 2019

A former construction worker turned yoga instructor credits the life-changing exercise for helping to fix his injured back after falling off of a roof.

Mike Cawley says he fell 17 feet off of a roof and had a compression fracture in his vertebrae when working in construction.

After someone recommended yoga as a way to recover, Cawley hit the mat and never looked back.

He now teaches fulltime as a yoga instructor at Chelsea Piers in Stamford.  

"You get those glimpses of absolute peace," he says. 

Yoga is intended for everyone and it builds strength but also flexibility, Cawley says. 

"For me, it comes back to love. It attaches you to this sense of love, it's incredible."

Yoga was voted by viewers as one of the best workout routines in News 12’s Fitness Face-off challenge.

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