The 9 Best Treadmills for Every Space and Every Experience Level

April 3, 2018

This guide to the best treadmills of 2018 covers everything from entry-level, all the way up to bucket-list machines.


Every home gym starts with a great treadmill. It’s an easy tool to use all the time — whether you plan to walk, run, or both. Depending on the type of treadmill, it can act as a coach of sorts. Programming on the machines has come a long way, and while you might still want to have a TV show streaming or music blasting, at the very least, these machines will provide a little variety into your routine.

Buying a treadmill is an expensive investment that you will need to replace in the long run — it’s not going to last your entire lifetime, especially if there’s more than one runner in the family. Maybe you’re not quite ready to splurge on the top of the line, but want something at an entry-level price point that will give you a taste of what owning a treadmill is like.

This guide offers three entry-level picks, three mid-tier and three to swoon over. Many variables come into play with the purchase of a treadmill — How much space do you have? Will you walk or mostly run on the treadmill? How much weight are you putting on the treadmill? Are you over 6’4″? — We’re making recommendations within the following parameters: you’re running a lot and you have space for a machine.

Tips From An Expert

We spoke with Josh Fly, senior fitness director and master personal trainer at Chelsea Piers, who recently ran 50 miles for charity on the treadmill, about how he picks a treadmill for clients, and himself. One thing to keep in mind, Fly says, is that “in order to mimic running on a trail, path, or race course it’s helpful and necessary to make subtle changes to the incline up and (down and the speeds) so as to replicate the random undulations you’ll encounter in the real world.” Your body adjusts without mentally recognizing it. So when you hop on the treadmill, make sure to change the elevation every so often.

Buying Guide


  • Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill
  • ProForm 505 CST
  • Sole Fitness F63


  • NordicTrack Commercial 1750
  • Life Fitness T3 Treadmill
  • Precor TRM 835


  • Woodway Mercury
  • Peloton Tread
  • Technogym SkillRun

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