Benefits of an Afterschool Activity

September 11, 2023

We’re close to the Fall Season, which marks the beginning of the school year. When school lets out at 3pm, the day doesn’t have to end there for your kids! Afterschool activities are the perfect way to extend their day to help provide enrichening and encouraging spaces that broaden their interests.

With inside knowledge on afterschool activities, our coaches from Chelsea Piers NYC, Brooklyn, and Connecticut explain the importance of participating in afterschool activities.

Benefits of an Afterschool Activity

Interacting Outside of an Educational Environment

Keith Knight
Chelsea Piers Sky Rink Assistant General Manager and Youth Hockey Director 

“There is nothing like wearing your school colors and representing the school. In hockey you are traveling to another place and when you have games and practices, the whole dynamic is different. Meeting outside of the campus and seeing your classmates outside of the campus is something special.” 

Confidence Building 

Michelle Melia
Chelsea Piers Golf Club LPGA Senior Professional 

“We are so proud to offer great golf afterschool programming at Chelsea Piers Golf Club. Our goal is to provide an enriching athletic experience to bolster the skills the children are getting during their scholastic day—teamwork, playing with others, motor skill development and confidence building. The happy smiles and building confidence make our staff proud.” 

Golf Pro instructing children

Developing Self-Discipline

Brandon Turner
Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn Soccer & Multisport Manager

“Participating in after-school sports at Chelsea Piers Brooklyn offers numerous benefits. It promotes physical fitness, helps develop teamwork and leadership skills, enhances self-discipline, and provides a structured way to relieve stress and stay active after classes. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and make new friends who share similar interests, contributing to both personal and social growth."

Providing a Purpose

Heather Higgins
Chelsea Piers Sky Rink Ice Skating Coach

“After school activities, like figure skating, give children a purpose and help teach about commitment. They provide an outlet to release energy after sitting in a classroom all day. And most importantly, they provide a healthy environment where kids can foster friendships and achieve goals which both aid in positive self-esteem!”

Children Ice Skating

Exploring Something New

Kevin Burton
Chelsea Piers Athletic Club Athletic Director

“Afterschool programming at Chelsea Piers provides access to quality instruction for youth athletes from novice to elite. Whether exploring a sport for the first time with friends or supplementing a comprehensive training program, our coaching staff's mission is to support each athlete's unique goals to become the best they can be and enjoy the process.”

Having a Safe Space

Jamie Calandro
Chelsea Piers Athletic Club Volleyball Director & Assistant Athletic Director

“As a volleyball coach, there's no greater joy than being able to provide a safe space for children and teens. The volleyball program strives to provide a safe, positive, and empowering environment. I hope my athletes gain a love for the sport while building friendships, practicing teamwork, and gaining leadership skills that only a team sport can offer.”

Volleyball Team

An Outlet to Relieve Stress

Will Newnham
Chelsea Piers Athletic Club Squash Director

“Squash not only improves physical fitness through cardiovascular workouts, agility, and endurance, but also fosters cognitive development by requiring strategic thinking and decision-making. Squash serves as an effective stress relief outlet, offering a controlled environment for emotional release. Through social interaction and partnership, students build friendships and collaboration skills. The sport teaches time management, character-building traits like resilience and sportsmanship, and promotes a lifelong commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle. In essence, squash emerges as a holistic afterschool choice that nurtures physical, mental, and social growth among students.”

Will Newnham in class

Learning Lifelong Lessons

Jonathan Engelbrecht
Chelsea Piers Athletic Club Tennis Director

“Our after-school tennis programs are exceptional and offer a dynamic, stimulating, and enjoyable atmosphere. It provides youth with an opportunity to exercise after school hours and impart valuable life skills like teamwork, self-advocacy, and perseverance, which extend far beyond the sport of tennis. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in tennis techniques and principles, and they share their acquired wisdom with the assurance that their pupils will carry the knowledge throughout their lives. The greatest reward is when former graduates return to visit and share how our program played a pivotal role in their lives, which serves as ultimate satisfaction that cannot be replicated. The lessons learned in our tennis programs will serve as life-long tools for success and growth.”

Creates a Home Away from Home

Ann Roth
Chelsea Piers Athletic Club Gymnastics Director

"At Chelsea Piers Athletic Club, our after-school gymnastics program is a testament to the incredible potential of merging physical fitness with personal growth. The gym becomes a sanctuary where children can express themselves freely, overcome fears, and celebrate milestones. The flips and turns symbolize life's ups and downs, and through gymnastics, we equip our students to handle both with elegance. Seeing our young gymnasts evolve, not just as athletes but as well-rounded individuals, is the most rewarding experience for us. Their success stories, achievements, and even failures form the cornerstone of our mission at Chelsea Piers."

Gymnastics class

Taking Time To Stay Active

Danny Simpson
Chelsea Piers Soccer Club Technical Director & Boys Director

"On average, a child spends 6-hours a day in school here in the US. Of those 6-hours, only 20-minutes are allocated to recess! In today's ever-changing electronic world, after-school activities (sports, hobbies, playgrounds, etc.) are so important to keep children's bodies moving, active and cognitive learning. But also mentally, giving them emotional release and having FUN!"

Soccer class

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