Bringing the Spirit of the Paris Games to Chelsea Piers!

February 9, 2024

Are you ready for the 2024 Summer Games Chelsea Piers

Bonjour sports enthusiasts! Get ready to show off your berets and embrace the excitement, as we journey to the City of Love for the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Games. While the Eiffel Tower sets the stage for the games, the high adrenaline of gymnastics, soccer, and swimming promise to steal the show. Join us on a virtual tour as we explore the magic of these leading Summer Games sports and, better yet, discover how Chelsea Piers is bringing the spirit to fans of all ages through our dynamic youth and adult programs this upcoming summer and fall!

Gymnastics Galore:

As we flip and twist our way into the Summer Games, gymnastics takes center stage with its breathtaking routines and gravity-defying feats. Did you know that gymnastics has been a part of the summer games lineup since the inaugural Games in Athens in 1896? Fast forward to Paris 2024, and the tradition continues as gymnasts from around the world showcase their strength, flexibility, and artistry.

At Chelsea Piers, our Gymnastics programs aren't just about medals and ribbons; they're about building confidence, discipline, and a love for the sport. From aspiring Olympians to recreational flippers, our youth and adult gymnastics classes cater to all skill levels, providing a platform for everyone to experience the joy of gymnastics.

Try your skills in the gym with Adult Gymnastics classes, youth gymnastics classes, our competitive team or our Gymnastics Summer Camps for all ages and stages.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC + Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn, Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Soccer Fever:

Prepare your goal-scoring celebrations because soccer, the global sensation, is ready to make waves in Paris. With a history dating back to 1900 in the Summer Games, soccer has evolved into one of the most watched and beloved sports worldwide. In Paris 2024, we expect the competition to be fierce as nations compete for the coveted gold.

For those who want to channel their inner soccer star, Chelsea Piers offers youth and adult soccer programs that focus on skill development, teamwork, and, most importantly, having a blast on the pitch. Lace up your cleats and join us in scoring goals and making memories, whether you're a seasoned player or taking your first kick. Join us for youth soccer classes, summer camps, adult leagues, adult soccer classes, competitive teams and more.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC + Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn, Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Swimming Spectacle:

Dive into the refreshing waters of Olympic history as swimming emerges as a star attraction in Paris. Dating back to the Athens Games in 1896, swimming has been a symbol of strength and endurance. Paris 2024 promises thrilling races, synchronized routines, and record-breaking performances.

At Chelsea Piers, we believe in nurturing aquatic talents from a young age. Our youth and adult swimming programs offer a dive into the fundamentals of swimming, from mastering strokes to building water confidence. Whether you dream of being the next Michael Phelps or simply want to enjoy the water, our programs cater to swimmers of all levels.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC + Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn, Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Golf Anticipation:

Get ready to watch the strategic game of golf in Paris as it takes the stage once again at the summer games. The first time golf was introduced in the games was back in the 1900 Paris Games, talk about a full-circle moment. In 1921, golf was removed from future games but voted to be re-included into the games once again, starting with the 2016 Rio Games. We are ecstatic to see golf at the summer games for the 3rd time since its return.

At Chelsea Piers, athletes of all ages can step into the sport no matter what level they begin at. Pull on your golf gloves, set up your tee, and bring your golf clubs to our year-round driving range. Our golf pros and instructors will ensure you learn the perfect technique for your golf swing and the rules of the game.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC

Linking the Past to the Present:

As we eagerly await the Paris 2024 Summer Games, it's impossible not to be enchanted by the rich history and traditions of the Games. The official Paris 2024 website is a treasure trove of fascinating facts, from the evolution of the logo to the significance of the chosen venues. Explore the site to discover how Paris is embracing sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation to create a Games for the ages.

Get ready to cheer, celebrate, and be a part of the sporting magic that is the Paris 2024 Summer Games. At Chelsea Piers, we're not just fans; we're active participants in the Summer Games spirit, offering dynamic programs in gymnastics, soccer, and swimming for youth and adults alike. So, whether you're perfecting your dismount, scoring goals, or making waves, join us in bringing the thrill of the Summer Games to Chelsea Piers – where champions are made, memories are created, and the love for sports is instilled.

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