Celebrate Move More Month this April

April 4, 2023

Celebrate Move More Month this April

Back again, this April is Move More Month, a campaign developed by the American Heart Association to help bring more physical activity into your day. Did you know that children sit an average of 8 to 10 hours per day while adults sit around 9.5 hours per day? That’s a lot of sitting!

At Chelsea Piers, we take pride in play-based movement for children and families to live a healthy and active lifestyle. We put together three fun and heart-racing games to help your family to move more this month and #NeverStopPlaying.

Tag, you’re it!

An easy game that kids around the world have enjoyed anywhere and anytime; tag is one of the easiest ways for you and your family to stay active. Tag brings immense laughter and helps work out your hamstrings and calves. Tag builds up your agility by dodging people or trying to tag someone “it”. With all the adrenaline and excitement while running around, your heart will thank you for the increased oxygen and blood flow. What amazing health benefits for the price of being tagged “it”!

Freeze Dance Par-tay

Are you in need of a game that doesn’t require much space? Try having a mini freeze dance party in your living room! When you dance, you use every muscle in your body; your head, face, arms, legs, feet, and fingers. When the music stops, your muscles learn to balance in the most ridiculous ways possible. You’ll become a balancing expert! Pump up that heart and strengthen those muscles you might not normally use every day.


Not sure if you want to spend time indoors or outside? Play some hide and seek, a game that can be played anywhere! Hide and seek can have your body running for the best hiding spot, crouching into the smallest spaces, while simultaneously stretching those tight muscles. Did you know that just by bending your body, you can increase your flexibility and strengthen your joints? Who would’ve thought hide-and-seek could be so good for your body!

Not quite in the game mood? Don’t worry, we have one more unique way to stay more active this April.

rock climbing

Take a Sports or Exercise Class!

Chelsea Piers offers a variety of both youth and adult sports programming to keep you moving year-round at all of our locations in Chelsea, Stamford and coming soon to Brooklyn. Chelsea Piers youth sports classes offer kids of all ages and levels the ability to participate in sports including gymnastics, soccer, baseball, Ninja + Parkour, ice skating, ice hockey, golf, basketball, rock climbing and so much more! On the adult side, Chelsea Piers offers adult soccer leagues, rock climbing, ice skating, ice hockey, golf and of course exercise classes at our member-only Chelsea Piers Fitness club. Fitness classes include yoga, Pilates, HIIT, indoor cycling, strength training, sand volleyball and so much more.

We hope that these games and classes have inspired you and your family to get moving or keep moving in April and beyond.

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