Four 30-Minute Workouts

December 30, 2022

Trying to get back into your fitness groove after weeks of holiday fun? We talked to Downtown Brooklyn Trainer, Tenessa Roizman, to get recommendations for someone who is new to fitness, or just looking for a fitness refresher! One of our top-tier personal trainers, Tenessa was recently promoted to our new Level 4 Trainer status – reserved for our trainers with the highest level of experience and knowledge.

Here are four 30-minute workouts and a few tips to get you started on your new fitness journey, each focusing on a different area of the body.


  1. Pushups (10 Reps)
    • TIP: Be sure your chest touches the ground at the bottom of every pushup. For a modification, try pushups from your knees rather than the full plank position.
  2. Bent Over Row (10 Reps)
    • TIP: Remember to set your body in a half squat position and start with a light weight to maintain form.
  3. Bicep Curls (10 Reps)
    • TIP: When choosing how heavy to go with your weights, be sure to keep your upper arm next to your body to reduce any swinging motions.
  4. Dips (10 Reps)
    • TIP: For beginners, use the dip machine to allow for assistance with lighter weights.
  5. Shoulder Press (10 Reps)
    • TIP: For variety, try this seated or standing.


  1. Squats (10 Reps)
    • TIP: For an easier progression to heavier weights, use dumbbells and kettlebells before working up to barbells.
  2. Leg Press (10 Reps)
    • TIP: For a different feel, try changing your foot position to focus on different parts of the leg.
  3. Lunges (10 Reps Each Leg)
    • TIP: Try starting with stationary reverse lunges then progress to walking lunges. Add dumbbells or kettlebells to give yourself a challenge.
  4. Step ups (10 Reps Each Leg)
    • TIP: Remember to stand tall at the end of each step up. For an added balance challenge, try using a soft box instead of a hard step.
  5. Calf Raises (10 Reps)
    • TIP: When adding weight, be sure to continue getting full range of motion with each rep.


  1. Planks (30 seconds)
    • TIP: Be sure to keep the hips in line with the shoulders and ankles. For an added balance challenge, use a BOSU ball under your hands or forearms.
  2. Mountain Climbers (20 Reps)
    • TIP: Be sure to bring each knee up toward the chest and fully extend the leg at the end of each rep.
  3. Toe Touch Crunches (20 Reps)
    • TIP: Remember to keep feet in the air with your legs straight to keep your core engaged. Try not to bend the knees throughout the movement.
  4. Russian Twist (20 Reps)
    • TIP: Keep your heels off the ground and your chest tall to the sky to isolate the obliques. Add a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hands to push yourself.
  5. Superman (20 Reps)
    • Make sure you lift the chest and thighs off the ground with each rep to keep the focus on the whole back.


  1. Burpees (10 Reps)
    • TIP: For beginners, a modification to jumping would be to start by walking hands out into the plank position for each rep.
  2. Squat Thrust Press Up (10 Reps)
    • TIP: Start with light dumbbells and use controlled motions using your whole body. Be sure to use your legs to initiate the movement.
  3. Medicine Ball Slam (10 Reps)
    • TIP: Be sure to start with a medium weight to ensure you keep your form. Try to keep the ball in line with the slam and not let it travel behind your head.
  4. Floor Press (10 Reps)
    • TIP: Remember to keep hands in line with the chest. For added core work, hold your feet up while performing the press.
  5. Seated Curl and Press (10 Reps)
    • TIP: Use your core to stabilize your torso. Try alternating arms to isolate one side at a time.

Questions about any of these workouts? Get in touch with one of our personal trainers to help reach your goals this year. Click below to fill out our personal training inquiry form to get started, or check out all of our awesome personal trainer profiles here.