How to Move Your Mood

April 1, 2022

how to move your mood

We all know that moving more can transform our bodies, but did you know that moving your body can move your mood? You may be surprised to find that starting a regular exercise routine can do more than improve your health. It can also help reduce stress, boost your confidence, and even make you happier!

Read on for 10 ways moving your body can move your mood!

Exercise your mood and your mind with a Move Your Mood themed crossword puzzle. PLAY ALONG

Stretch it Out

If your job requires lots of sitting, it’s easy to get tense from the lack of movement. Try to periodically stand up and stretch throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

Try Meditating

Move your mood by calming your mind with a quick meditation. If you need some guidance, click below to browse our YouTube channel for guided meditations, bedtime yoga and more, all from your favorite instructors.


take a Walk or Run

Enjoy the fresh spring air for a quick walk or run to break up your day. Getting outside at anytime is great, but morning is best to get the most benefits.

Dance It Out

Check out our rotating dance class on the schedule - Dance! (Thursday evenings in Brooklyn and Fridays in Chelsea) Check the app to see who’s teaching what style, as it changes every week from Ballet to Hip Hop, Salsa + more! Check the schedule in Stamford for regular Dance Cardio classes.

sit in the steam room or sauna

During your next visit to the club, allow yourself some much-needed time to relax and recharge. Step inside the soothing steam room or sauna to feel your worries melt away. Taking care of yourself is never selfish; it’s essential.

Take a dip

Even if you haven’t swam in years, taking a dip in the pool can be an extremely refreshing workout. Want to take it easy? Grab a kickboard and take it slow for your first swim.

Member Event

Join one of our member events, including specialty workshops, happy hours (and much more!) to learn new skills and meet other like-minded people from the club. Click below to check out upcoming events.


eat something delicious

Preferably your favorite snack...or something from this article from Northwell Health about foods that make you feel happier! Click below to read more.


Lift weights

Studies have shown that strength training boosts mood and reduces anxiety. Not sure where to start? Stop by the fitness desk or ask one of our trainers for help, or check out the Coach's Corner section of our YouTube channel for guidance including Barbell Deadlift 101.


play a Game with a friend

Grab some friends to shoot hoops or play soccer to instantly feel like a kid again. Don’t have access to a field or court? Turn your workout into a game. Pass the medicine ball back and forth, see who can jump higher... get creative with it!