Summer Camp Checklist

June 2, 2023


Start your summer camp adventure hassle-free. We know there are many emotions that happen on the first day of camp, and we want to help relieve the stress with our Chelsea Piers Summer Camp Checklist. We have compiled a list of simple ways to help you and your child navigate summer camp this year!

Bring a Backpack.

No matter which camp you are going to, gymnastics, golf, ice skating, multi-sport a backpack will be a lifesaver. Pack it with your water bottle, extra snacks, sneakers, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and other necessities you may need. You never know when you might get to go on the waterslide! Reminder: All full-day campers are provided with lunch, but you are welcome to pack your own if desired. Bring a nut-free lunch in a labeled lunch box. Junior campers are required to pack their own lunch.


Get your camper excited!

Talk about Summer Camp with your child to boost excitement about Chelsea Piers Summer Sports Camp! Take them on a visit to provide familiarity or talk about how fun it’ll be to meet new friends and play new sports. Getting them excited about summer camp helps eliminate their worries when they arrive to camp whether it may be their first or fifth time at the Piers.

Pack the night before.

Packing your backpack, snacks, and any additional items helps for a smoother start to the day. Instead of rushing in the morning, take your time to eat breakfast, get changed, and to grab a packed bag as you walk out the door.

Ice Hockey

Create your own checklist!

Getting on the bus and then realizing you forgot something back on the Ice Rink can be a stomach-sinking feeling. To avoid that, create your very own checklist to keep in your child’s backpack. Remind them to look at the checklist before they leave to ensure they are bringing everything home.

Label your name on items.

With so many children at Chelsea Piers Summer Sports Camp, there is bound to be some overlap with the same water bottles, lunchboxes, and shoes. Label as many of your child’s items as possible to avoid losing or accidentally swapping items. It may be a slightly tedious process, but it makes it easier when you can’t find their missing water bottle in another child’s backpack.


Going to our Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn Summer Camp?

With our new swimming pool, you’ll want to bring a few extra items to camp!

  • Swim Towel. Don’t forget to pack a towel for the swimming pool to dry off after a fun time splashing around with friends.
  • Bathing Suit. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable bathing suit for the days you have open swim sessions.
  • Hairbrush. An underrated item, but much needed after swimming in the pool. With a small hairbrush, and a few combing strokes, you’ll feel much more comfortable continuing camp.


Don’t forget to sign up for Chelsea Piers Summer Sports Camps! Register for either our Chelsea or new Brooklyn location. Choose from a variety of different sports including gymnastics, ninja, multi-sports, ice skating, golf, and so much more!

Camps start on June 19 with limited space available.