Winter Wellness: Score Big with Chelsea Piers Adult Classes!

October 30, 2023

Winter Wellness: Score Big with Chelsea Piers Adult Classes!

Are you ready to elevate your fitness game this winter? Chelsea Piers is your ultimate destination for an active, exhilarating, and fun-filled season. Don't let the cold weather keep you cooped up indoors; instead, seize the opportunity to stay fit, healthy, and active all winter long with our amazing lineup of adult classes.

Dive into the action, swing for the stars, or skate your way to a healthier you – Chelsea Piers has you covered. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast looking to try something new, we have an array of options for adults to have fun too.

Adult Gymnastics

1. Adult Gymnastics: Finding Balance

Who says gymnastics is just for kids? Rediscover your inner acrobat and improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. Adult gymnastics at Chelsea Piers is a fun and dynamic way to stay fit this winter while reliving the excitement of your childhood. Special November Offer: 20% off all Adult Gymnastics classes.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC + Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn, Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Adult Soccer

2. Soccer: Kick It Up a Notch

Get your heart racing and boost your stamina with our adult soccer classes. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the pitch, our experienced coaches will guide you to score goals and make friends along the way. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you chase the ball and stay active all winter long.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC + Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Adult Tennis

3. Tennis and Pickleball: Serving Up Fun

Whether you prefer the elegance of tennis or the fast-paced action of pickleball, Chelsea Piers has the courts and coaching you need. Sharpen your skills, learn new techniques, and stay active in a friendly, competitive atmosphere. It's the perfect way to work on your game and warm up your winter.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC + Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Adult Skating

4. Ice Skating: Glide into Fitness

When winter comes, ice skating becomes your best friend. Join our adult ice-skating classes and experience the thrill of gliding gracefully across the ice. Perfect for beginners or seasoned skaters, this activity is a fantastic way to enjoy the chilly season while staying active. Sign up for adult skating classes or join us for General Skating sessions.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC

Adult Golf

5. Golf: Tee Off in Style

Tee off at Chelsea Piers with our year-round, heated and weather protected golf range stalls. Our golf classes are designed to help you refine your swing and lower your handicap. Unleash your inner golfer, and practice your skills without worrying about the weather. Class, lessons and drop-in sessions.

Location: Chelsea Piers, NYC

Adult Swimming

6. Swimming: Make a Splash

Make a splash all year round with swimming lessons at Chelsea Piers. With temperature-controlled pools, you’re able to swim no matter the weather. At Chelsea Piers Fitness, become a member to take classes that help with improving your flexibility and agility, or learn the fundamentals needed to progress your swim strokes. At Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn and Connecticut, become a family member to enjoy a fun workout in the water.

Location: Chelsea Piers Fitness, Chelsea Piers Field House Brooklyn, Chelsea Piers, Stamford

Ninja Parkour

7. Ninja: A New Way to Stay Fit

This high-energy and flexible sport welcomes adult of all skill levels. Previous experience is not required. Did we mention how incredible of a workout Ninja classes are? Please wear sneakers.

Location: Chelsea Piers, Stamford

No Commitment, Just Fun and Fitness

The best part about Chelsea Piers adult classes is that there's no need for long-term commitment. You can join any class that piques your interest. Our flexible scheduling ensures that you can enjoy the sports you love without any pressure.

With little to no commitment and a focus on having fun while staying active, there's no better way to conquer the winter blues. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your racket, or put on your skates, and join us at Chelsea Piers for a season of excitement, wellness, and unforgettable memories. It's time to make this winter one to remember!

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